A Guide to Giving

Gutenberg College exists to serve those who want to pursue the truth so that they can make good decisions and live good lives. We welcome anyone and everyone interested in this fundamental project. To this end, we have put great effort into locating those individuals in communities all over the region so that they, too, might have the opportunity to grow.

If you wish to join us in supporting Gutenberg College students, your gifts will go toward the following needs:

Student aid
David Crabtree, founder and former president, said, “A student is not a customer. A student is a soul. And a soul is a precious thing.” Students, regardless of income and background, are invited to participate at Gutenberg College. Only generous financial aid makes that possible. In order to maintain the integrity of its mission, Gutenberg does not accept state or federal aid. As a result, all financial aid is thus supplied privately through the college. Gifts to Gutenberg directly help financially disadvantaged students who would otherwise not be able to attend.

New faculty
Education is fundamentally relational. Consequently, perhaps the single most important aspect of Gutenberg College is the faculty. It is the faculty who create a culture of openness and dialogue in the classroom and carry out the mission of the college year after year. Gutenberg has always been fortunate to have a cadre of experienced, knowledgeable, caring faculty who share the common vision of Gutenberg College. Our discussion-based approach and unique philosophy requires significant training for new faculty. It takes several years for this training process to help new faculty develop the necessary skills, wisdom, and experience with the curriculum. Gifts to Gutenberg will be used to begin the process of locating new faculty and training them in the art of being a Gutenberg tutor.

Administrative personnel
More students and faculty will require more administrative support. To meet growing needs, Gutenberg will need to hire additional staff to assist with fundraising, recruiting, and community outreach.

David W. Crabtree Presidential Scholarship
The $1000 David W. Crabtree scholarship is given to an established Gutenberg student who exhibits those qualities that exemplify the kind of student for whom Gutenberg was designed. For this scholarship, academic performance is a consideration, but Gutenberg is about more than academics. Diligence is also an important ingredient, but Gutenberg is about more than diligence. This scholarship goes to that student whom the tutors deem to have taken the content of the curriculum most profoundly to heart. Such a student takes seriously the issues raised, thinks about them, and allows the truth to change the way he or she thinks about life and how to live. Gifts to this scholarship fund will support worthy students in the years to come.

Community outreach
Gutenberg is a place that offers something for everyone. It is a place where students, friends, and faculty can all benefit from mutual encouragement to build and deepen our spiritual and intellectual grounding. Gutenberg intends to continue to offer community classes, institutes, workshops, and publications. With gifts to Gutenberg, we intend to expand those offerings.

Building improvements
Gutenberg College operates within a historic Jacobean building designed in 1927 by Lawrence, Holford, Allyn & Bean. It represents nearly a century of good friends and good memories. The quaint charm and classic style of the building has a place in the hearts of many who have passed through its doors. The building—while old and beautiful—needs refurbishing and repair in many areas. As one example, the second-floor student rooms and bathrooms need upgrading. Stay tuned for more information on how you can support a range of specific house needs.

Donate to Gutenberg

Gutenberg has launched its Guide for Good campaign. The sustainability of a college depends upon its ability to bring in students, to have name-recognition, and to have a solid base of support.

The first phase of the campaign was an amazing success, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We matched the board’s gift of $12,000 by raising $14,522, giving us a total of $26,522!

In the second phase of the campaign, we have set a goal of raising $250,000 by the end of December 2018. Join us in our efforts to be a guide for good.

Here’s how far we’ve come!

of $250,000 so far
Progress so far