A Guide for Good

This summer, Gutenberg College launched a bold and unprecedented two-year, $1,000,000 capital campaign: A Guide for Good. We met our goal for the first phase, raising $26,522.
Thanks to everyone who helped us reach it!

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Gutenberg has launched its Guide for Good campaign. The sustainability of a college depends upon its ability to bring in students, to have name-recognition, and to have a solid base of support.
The first phase of the campaign was an amazing success, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We matched the board’s gift of $12,000 by raising $14,522, giving us a total of $26,522!
In the second phase of the campaign, we have set a goal of raising $250,000 by the end of December 2018. Join us in our efforts to be a guide for good.

Here’s how far we’ve come!

Of $250,000 So Far
Progress So Far
The Party

The Guide for Good Campaign


Twenty-two years after our founding, the board and president of Gutenberg College invited fresh leadership to chart a course for the next twenty years. A team of faculty and community members met the invitation with eager responses to perpetuate Gutenberg and its mission. They assembled to draft a plan to turn the page to the next chapter in the college’s story.

Since that time, countless hours of advice and support from the community have helped the college to lay the groundwork for a strategic program of recruitment and stabilization. Now is the time to implement that program.

The recruiting outlook is strong for the future. Tremendous energy from a new generation in critical administrative positions has increased capacities for outreach and development. We are making key connections in the business and Christian community with individuals who share our goals and values. The fundamentals of the curriculum and the faculty remain solid.

We are paving a path forward for Gutenberg to be a guide for good. With your help, we will build on our recent momentum to create a sustainable future marked by solid infrastructure, robust recruiting, strategic fundraising, quality faculty, and meaningful community outreach and involvement.

We are excited to share with you the kickoff for our three-phase capital campaign. The board of governors is launching the first phase with a generous matching gift.

  • Phase 1: The board has pledged $12,000 as a matching gift. All donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $12,000 until August 31, 2018.
  • Phase 2: Raise $250,000 by December 31, 2018.
  • Phase 3: Reach our $1,000,000 goal by August 31, 2020.

Scroll down to learn why we are so passionate about building Gutenberg College.

The Party
People of faith face growing challenges on all fronts. We live in a culture where confusion and deception threaten to mislead hearts and minds.


“The tutors at that small brick building on University Street taught me the value of “inwardness,” as so eloquently described by Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (still one of my favorite authors we studied at Gutenberg). I have learned how to remain existentially committed to the Truth amid a culture that so often prefers lies and fake news. That’s why I will always be grateful to Gutenberg.”

Christopher Stollar, Gutenberg Graduate

The Party

How can this generation break free from the captivity of deceit in order to live well and make good decisions?

The antidote to confusion is clarity.
The antidote to lies is truth.

But the journey to clarity and truth
takes courage and hard work.

And even more, it takes sound guidance.


“The time spent at Gutenberg has been some of the most informative time in my life. It has not only helped me understand the world I live in but also helped guide me through understanding myself. It opened up avenues to understand myself, where I stand in relation to my faith, and where I stand in the society in which I live. I have made some of the most important relationships while I was here, both with students and tutors alike. I have been given not just an education but a lesson in how to approach the world without losing myself.”

Ian Hughes, Gutenberg Graduate

The Party
Gutenberg College offers guidance to people who want clarity about faith and culture. Our community is a haven where students can do the hard work of building knowledge and skill in an environment of respect, humility, and conversation. At Gutenberg, students lay a foundation for a life of meaningful work and authentic relationships.


“At Gutenberg I had to learn to discuss ideas with people whose backgrounds and opinions varied, often bluntly, from mine. I learned that not only is it possible but that there is a lot to be gained when people from two sides of an issue discuss their views in a reasonable manner. I learned that the goal of genuine discussion is to learn and gain understanding and not to be the loudest arguer with the best point. Outside of the classroom, I observed my friends applying this to their personal lives, and I started doing the same. I learned it was better to lean into a topic of potential conflict than to avoid it. Humble and honest discussion builds trust and connection and is mutually educational. I have used the skills of good discussion countless times as I have grown in my career, and I try to pass it on to my trainees. It’s also been pretty fantastic for my marriage, I will add.”

Jennifer Howard, Gutenberg Graduate

The Party

The Next Few Years

We continue to build on Gutenberg’s solid base of personnel, educational approach, philosophy, purpose, planning, and outreach.


Recruiting: We will continue to develop and expand our recruiting efforts until Gutenberg is accepting 20 students per year. After expending significant effort in the past year, we have located communities all over the region who are excited about Gutenberg’s educational project.

One such community is classically-educated homeschool and private-school groups. Estimates of recent growth in this sector are around 10% per year with a national population of well over 300,000 students. These rapidly growing communities are eager for high quality options for college and have identified Gutenberg College as a desirable option.

Fundraising: This campaign represents the next step in our approach to fundraising. With those of us at the College, many friends and supporters now share Gutenberg College’s mission—a mission worthy of the time and money they devote to it. Any who participate do so both for the sake of those we serve but also as an expression of their desire to do good. Our goal is to reach out and partner with any and all who are interested. Thus, we will pursue consistent, ongoing, respectful, and professional fundraising that is in keeping with our core values.

We have recently hired a part-time fundraiser to raise the profile of Gutenberg College. We have also been in contact with a professional development and campaign director and a professional fundraiser, both of whom have generously given of their time and advice. We also have members of our board who are helping to guide our efforts.

We are seeking to raise $250,000 by December 31, 2018. This is a big step but not an unrealistic one. Achieving this goal will give Gutenberg the resources to serve a growing population of students and friends.

Main Ceremony

Let’s Talk

There are many ways you can join the community of Gutenberg College.


You can donate, come to dinner, attend community classes, attend or sponsor a workshop, host a local get-together, host a talk from Gutenberg faculty at a local church or club, distribute brochures, talk to parents or students, and invite your friends. If you are interested to learn more, we would love to talk with you. Come for a visit, or grab a cup of coffee with us. To set up a video call, phone call, or face-to-face, please contact us.

Office: office@gutenberg.edu
Office phone: 541-683-5141

Provost and Admission Director Eliot Grasso: egrasso@gutenberg.edu
President Chris Swanson: cswanson@gutenberg.edu
Chairman of the Board Paul Pindell: ppindell@gutenberg.edu

We hope to hear from you soon!


Middlebury College, Syracuse University, Boston University, John’s Hopkins University, St. John’s College, William and Mary School of Law, Saybrook University, UCLA Law, Freiburg University (Germany), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Durham University (England). See more here.
Law, physical therapy, mental health counseling, network engineering, business ownership, occupational therapy, photography, IT support, web design, primary school teaching, college teaching, employment counseling.
Gutenberg College tuition is $13,000 per year. Rather than joining the stampede toward overinflated costs and federal intrusion, Gutenberg provides a premiere education at a reasonable price. With our generous financial aid and internal loan program, students graduate with minimal debt. Check out this article on “Why a Great Books Education is the Most Practical” by David Crabtree for a fuller discussion.
Great Books colleges offer a broad-based liberal arts education with a curriculum centered on reading and discussing those writings that have been most significant in the formation of Western culture. Taken together, these writings constitute a “Great Conversation.” Through several centuries of this extended conversation, the most important issues facing mankind surface time after time: Who is man? Who is God? What is the relationship between them? How ought one live one’s life? Studying the writings of the foremost thinkers of our culture gives students the opportunity to examine different perspectives on these important questions. In a sense, students learn at the feet of great thinkers.
There are so many ways that you can join our community. Contact our Provost Eliot Grasso at egrasso@gutenberg.edu to get involved. To get our quarterly newsletter, sign up.